Adhouse is an independent operator with over 20 years of experience in the real estate sector with a team focused in the areas of Milan and Tuscany

Operating with a tailored approach to take care of every aspect, from the preliminary stages to after-sales services, Adhouse wants to be for customers the personal point of reference of trust in real estate field with a long-term horizon.

Adhouse manages large-scale rent and sales operations, with own portfolio and targeted researches of residential and commercial properties, complex structures such as villas, grounds, logistic platforms, farmhouses and castles, up to palaces with possible retail development.

Adhouse offers an integrated and complete range of services and also carries out its business through an international network made of sector operators and professional relationships.

Milan, the Italian economic engine and one of the main hubs in the world, and Tuscany, a magical place of flavors and colors admired in every corner of the world, are the areas where Adhouse constantly researches and offers properties able to satisfy national and international clients with housing and commercial solutions.

Preliminaries, assessments and sworn appraisals, contractual registrations, consultancy for mortgage disbursement, cadastral practices, home staging, technical and tax consultancy, digital marketing, management of renovations and moves, sanification procedures, are all services that Adhouse is able to offer directly and with a network of trusted professionals.

Reliability, transparency, customer focus, versatility, dynamism are the key values that characterize Adhouse and the team of professionals who oversee the market by regularly monitoring scenarios and constant evolutions.

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