World treasure chest of art, culture, nature and extraordinary flavors

Tuscany is among the best known and most fascinating regions in the world. A unique story that has given humanity an incredible Renaissance heritage of art, culture, inimitable cuisine, fascinating landscapes among bucolic hills, unique mountains and breathtaking coasts

Florence, Pisa, Siena, Lucca, Prato, Pistoia, Arezzo, Massa Carrara, Livorno, Grosseto, provinces enriched in a constellation of small towns and hundreds of castles, citadels, villages and coastal fortresses with housing solutions able to satisfy the will of investment of any size

Adhouse oversees the territory directly with a dedicated team and indirectly with a series of collaborations that range on the basis of the different types of properties treated in order to have a targeted promotion suitable for being correctly received, estracting the most value from every product

International agreements and contacts allow Adhouse to range even geographically by developing housing solutions capable of satisfying attentive clients in search of the authenticity of the values and colors characteristic of the Tuscany region.

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